Stainless steel metal grills

GRILL VENTILATION WITH STRAINER Color: stainless steel mesh, plastic frame (gray). Product use: Nets are used for ventilation of small rooms, eg. toilets, bathrooms, pantry, storage, residential trailer, caravan, cabin lifts etc. Nets without frame may be used in divorce hot air, for example. Fireplaces. On the back of the mesh of metal sieve against flies. Installation: Catch frame by cross, turn it on yourself and brick up it (using gypsum) in the prepared opening. Once cured, cut out the cross and attach the grille screws on the crescent of the top and bottom of the frame enabling compensated position (position) mesh. Nets without frame can be attached to the wall, precast blocks, insulation systems, etc by means of two screws in stainless steel with anchors that come with the product.

type: no. of order: side length (rnrn) — net: side length (mm) — frame:
VM 150 x 150N 701 a 155 b 155 c 132 d 126


Color: silver. Product use: For ventilation of small rooms, eg. Toilets, bathrooms, pantry and warehouse stock, cars with accommodation areas, caravan, cabin lifts and so on. On the back of these products is attached to a sieve against flies. Installation: The product can be placed in standardized pipes of newdur (product has a throat for cramming), or in the pre-drilled (cut) holes of appropriate size.

type: no. of order: outdoor installation flange section (mm):
VM 0110N 702 ∅ 105


Color: silver. Product use: Aluminum semi-flexible pipeline is flexible, expandable and highly reliable pipeline of low pressure and medium pressure pneumatic heating and smoke drain. The pipeline is fireproof and airtight. Installation: The pipeline can be easily attached. The mesh for ventilation, using a clip ring or using self-adhesive PVC tape. The length of the pipeline can be extended by pulling as needed.

type: no. of order: side length (rnrn) — net: side length (mm) — frame:
AL flexo ∅125/2,5m new! 603 600 2500
AL flexo ∅125/2,5m new! 604 600 2500
AL flexo ∅125/1m 601 300 1000
AL flexo ∅100/1m 602 300 1000


Material: galvanized tin. Product use: Clamping hose clamps are used to connect piping to the air hose, and fans. The side edges of the arms are slightly bent upwards in order to avoid damage to their in solid clamping mounted pipeline. Clamp hose is reusable. Installation: For installation, you can use plain flat phillips screwdriver.

type: no. of order: dimensions of product min. (mm): dimensions of product max. (mm):
HS W1 125 new! 605  ∅120 ∅140
HS W1 100 new! 606 ∅90  ∅110


Material: tin. Product use: Hose Clamps are used to connect flexo piping. At both ends of the connectors are back edges that prevent downloading flexo pipes with fittings. Installation: Insert the hose clip inside flexo pipes and tighten the clamp on the hose.

type: no. of order: dimensions of product (mm) diameter: dimensions of product (mm) width: dimensions of product (mm) thickness:
HSK 125 new! 607 ∅125 ∅80 ∅0,6
HSK 100 new! 608 ∅100 ∅80  ∅0,6

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