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KUP SPLIT doo operates on the Croatian market since 2002. Activities of the company are selling materials for dry construction and building materials as well as professional installation of partition walls, lining the walls and attic, and suspended ceilings. In our selling space in Kastel Luksic (on the highway) you can find all the drywall (gypsum board, profiles, accessories), various building adhesives, mortars, smoothing mass, tools, paint and accessories for painting, decorative lasjne, rasvijetna body, insulation, doors and sliding doors, Screws and pins, a complete program ventilation and air shafts which are the general importers.

Gypsum board is the ideal solution for renovations and construction of new građevinarskih space and facilities. Suspended ceilings of gypsum board with a combination of lighting fixtures and moldings give your home a new shine. Gips boards with metal substructure materials and heat and sound insulation offer the possibility of building walls of various dimensions. One of the characteristics of partition walls of gypsum board is a good thermal and sound insulation. Our specialty is the answer to all the challenges in the final works in construction.

In parallel with the development of our company, with the constant acquisition of the latest and best material for the interior, advekvatno were trained workers. This construction method has become popular because the construction period substantially faster and cheaper and provides a variety of options the client to choose at their own will and desire form ceilings, making various forms of ceilings and installation a variety of lighting fixtures, which give your home a new modern look and shine.

Our company has been successfully cooperating with many international companies and brands, are some of them:

KUP KAŠTELA d.o.o. for construction and trade
adress: Ivana Pavla II 201, 21215 Kaštel Lukšić
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Ivana Pavla II 201
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tel: +385 21 230 533
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email: kup[a]kup.com.hr
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