Product color: Green. Product use: This door can be used as a cover to open, which can cover various construction openings, passages and manholes. Installation: The rim frames coated with silicone (adhesive coating) and as part of the door set, push and wait until the glue has hardened. Do not forget to slip under the door rope and tutoring. On the peripheral surface, attach the lining basically oriented against the audit opening door. Lining in supporting the door, attach the silicone only at the very end of the installation process. Dismantling - tap on the surface to find the door and clean dialatacionu fugue, where you will find the rope and tutoring.

type: no. of order: page length (rnrn) - mesh:
DPO 300 x 300 105 and 300 b 300
DPO 200 x 250 106 200 b 250
DPO 200 x 200 107 and 200 b 200


Product color: White. Product use: This door can be used as cover for the opening, which serves to cover various building openings, passages and manholes. Installation: door open and come out of the box. The condition is that the correct mounting frame stays in the same position and not to be deformed, making it easy mounting and dismantling the door. Frame door block this off inside (gypsum), and then we can set the door.

type: no. of order: side length (mm)
DPO 300 x 400 109 and 298 b 398
DPO 300 x 300 101 and 298 b 298
DPO 200 x 300 102 and 198 b 298
DPO 200 x 250 108 and 198 b 248
DPO 200 x 200 103 and 198 b 198
DPO 150 x 200 110 s 148 b 198
DPO 150 x 150 104 and 148 b 148


Product color: white, gray. Possible applications: This door can be used as a lid opening to cover various building openings and manholes. Method of installation: Break out the door from frame checkbox and install the wall (brick up with a cast, and secure with screws) into the prepared hole 0 Use dowels fasten door on one side of the frames on e. Totally open the switching elements and press the door on checkbox, then straighten the switching elements so that they are flush with the door. The tray is possible to supplement and provide a finned tube lock To be in the lower part of the door is fully closed, it is possible to adjust the sliding dowels O. And perfectly closing the door in the upper part can be achieved by adjusting the pressure dowels with Allen screws - door lock control.

type: no. of order: side length (mm)
White Grey
RD 400 x 400 111 112 and 396 b 396
RD 400 x 400 Z New! 113 114 and 396 b 396
RD 400 x 600 115 116 and 396 b 596
RD 400 x 400 Z New! 117 118 and 396 b 596

* Warning: The material of which the mesh products, is not resistant to substances with chlorine content. Do not clean them with acetone, trichlorethylene and sličr.im substances, otherwise C2TE damage the exterior (surface) of the product! ASA material from which these products are produced is of high quality and resistant to UV radiation. Size of the product does not take the yellow color.

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